Stone Crabbing and Stone Crab Harvest Regulations

Stone crab trap regulations are in place to protect the species, prevent overharvesting, and to protect other species. 

Stone Crab Trapping

Stone crabs are usually caught using crab traps, including in the commercial and recreational fishery spaces.

Stone crab traps are baited and set in water depths of approximately 65 feet, with lines attached to a strap or pot float line. 

Stone crabbing traps are often set approximately 100-400 feet apart from each other. The best stone crabbing locations are often set along the edges of seagrass flats.

Stone Crab Season in Florida

The stone crab harvest season in Florida lasts from October 15 until May 1 for both recreational and commercial stone crabbing.

Sustainability of Stone Crab Harvesting

Stone crabs are often considered to be a sustainable crab to harvest because they are thrown back alive after their claws are harvested, and they regrow new claws when they molt. 

It is important to note that the survivability of harvested stone crabs is greatly reduced, and is considered to be inhumane by many.

Stone crabs are known to be harmful to bottlenose dolphins, among other species.