Facts about Stone Crabs

florida stone crab

The stone crab (Menippe mercenaria) is a species of crab found in the western Atlantic Ocean, from Connecticut to Belize, including Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.  Facts about Stone Crabs and Stone Crabbing Stone crabs are known for their large, heavy claws which can be harvested for food. The claws are typically cooked and … Read more

Stone Crabbing Techniques

florida stone crabs in a cooler

Be sure to follow local rules and regulations when harvesting stone crab claws. Take information direction from official sources to ensure accuracy. Stone crabbing, or catching stone crab, is not as easy as most people imagine.  Stone crabbing success requires that a stone crabber have proper equipment, bait, and knowledge of regulations and seasons.  Here … Read more

Stone Crabbing and Stone Crab Harvest Regulations

florida manatee with a stone crab trap float line

Stone crab trap regulations are in place to protect the species, prevent overharvesting, and to protect other species.  Stone Crab Trapping Stone crabs are usually caught using crab traps, including in the commercial and recreational fishery spaces. Stone crab traps are baited and set in water depths of approximately 65 feet, with lines attached to … Read more

Cooking Stone Crab and Stone Crab Recipes

cooked florida stone crab claws on a plate

The meat from the stone crab is considered a delicacy and is often enjoyed chilled with butter or mustard sauce. Stone crabs are often considered to be a sustainable crab to harvest because they are thrown back alive after their claws are harvested, and they regrow new claws when they molt. Stone crab claws are … Read more