Cooking Stone Crab and Stone Crab Recipes

The meat from the stone crab is considered a delicacy and is often enjoyed chilled with butter or mustard sauce.

Stone crabs are often considered to be a sustainable crab to harvest because they are thrown back alive after their claws are harvested, and they regrow new claws when they molt.

Stone crab claws are often dipped in butter or served with mustard sauce

Common ways to cook stone crabs:

  • Fried stone crab
  • Sauteed stone crab
  • Served with butter or sauce

Stone crabs are also used in a variety of dishes such as chowder, bisque, crab cakes, and salads.

Stone Crab Nutrition

Nutrition information for stone crabs varies depending on the cooking and preparation style.

One serving of stone crab is typically considered to be approximately 114 grams. 

One serving of stone crab may include approximately: 

  • 71 calories
  • 53 mg of cholesterol
  • 353 mg of sodium
  • 17.6 grams of protein

Stone crab meat may contain Vitamin B12, phosphorus and/or selenium.